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  • Extra-long handle
  • High volume operation 
  • Precision-fitted and hardened plunger
  • Rugged cast pump head
  • Medium & Heavy Duty Material
  • Positive Locking Mechanism
  • Aluminium Handle

- Made from high grade material 
- Spring-loaded handle ejects rivet stem automatically 
- For use with steel and aluminum rivets
- Strong mechanism for hard surface punch 
- Supports 1/8", 3/32" and 3/16" rivets 
- Nose wrench included for installing and removing rivet head size 
- Long handle makes riveter easy to squeeze 
- Quality assure 

  • 24 durable screwdriver bits in 25 mm length for all standard screw types and sizes.
  • 2 magnetic universal holders for fast bit changes and a reliable screw hold in the bit.
  • 8 nut setters for hexagon-head screws.
  • All accessories are stored neatly and practically in the handy soft bag.
  • Suitable for all common power tool brands and manual screwdrivers.
  • 38pcs can satisfy your different cutting and grinding needs for your DIY at home
  • Made of high quality material, super durable
  • 38 Piece screwdriver bit set includes a range of Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex, slotted and Torx bits as well as nut setters and adaptor, torch, and universal bit holder
  • Equipped to handle virtually any project, a comprehensive screwdriver set for the keen DIY enthusiast. Ideal for fixing, repairing, and mounting jobs.
  • DIY with Bosch quality: Screwdriving made easy.
  • Liquid filled for reliable readings and shows all four directional reference points: N, E, S and W.
  • Luminous letters for enhanced night navigation
  • Rotatable metal loop hooks to gear
  • Rugged plastic case
  • Snap lid protecting the face while it's packed away
  • Comes with a hang tab to clip to belt loop, backpack or keychain
  1. Heavy Duty Light Weight, All Steel Construction
  2. 2 x 360 Degree Rotating Swivel Wheels
  3. 3 Level Storage Space, 150kg Capacity
  • Foam covering prevents scratching.
  • Strong, high density steel core keeps its shape.
  • Ideal for organizing cords and hoses.
  • Easy to use, No knots or hooks needed.
  • Ideal for use in all temperatures.
  • Reuseable
  • Rounded handle design
  • Curved bottom to prevent slippage
  • Hardened end cap for added durability
  • ProTouch grip for maximum control
  • Forged steel head for superior strength and durability
  • Smooth face prevents surface marks
  • Rip claw is ideal for nail removal and prying applications
  • Enhanced performance
  • Deep gullets for enhanced performance & greater volume removal of waste material.
  • The plastic handle offers comfortable and easy control 
  • Teeth can be resharpened
  • Two-sided ground teeth
  • 2 pieces including SL 6 x 100mm /1/4" x 4" & PH #26 x 100mm /1/4" x 4"
  • Ideal for professional and heavy duty users.
  • The ergonomically designed two-component handle offers a comfortable grip & maximum torque.
  • Chrome vanadium steel ensures high durability under extreme working condition
  • Magnetic tip offers a secure grip on fasteners
  • Chrome vanadium steel ensures high durability
  • Round Blade with hex bolsters for increasing torque and higher working efficiency
  • Ergonomically designed two-component handle offers maximum working comfort and greater torque


- Cutting sizes : 450mm / 18"

- Double rails professional-grade cutting tiles

- Solid core structure for accurate cutting

- Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel for smooth scoring

- Excellent tile-breaking forces

- Aluminium alloy breaker

- Based reinforcement to prevent slipping during cutting

- Internal bearing rolling cutter blade

- Adjustable scoring wheel device to raise or lower the carbide wheel for thick or thin-tile


- High hardness
- High tenacity
- Optimal high torsion
- Comfortable hand gripping

  1. Novel aesthetic appearance, the handle is heat resistant resin.
  2. Thermally efficient, welding head for forgings.
  3. Optimal design, price economy, electrical parts separate, safe.
  4. Professional soldering tool, great for lead-free soldering semiconductors.
  5. Iron plated tip and stainless steel construction offer longer life
  • Ideal for cleaning
  • Nonslip surface for better grip trigger
  • Extended nozzle fits into confined spaces with ease
  • Better Comfort and Control Handle design
  • Size : 6 inches
  • Colour: yellow
  • The plier is forged by high carbon steel material, solid and durable
  • The plier surface is processed with Nickel-iron alloy material, therefore, it features sharpness and easy cutting
  • Anti-slip handle with dual colours, convenient for operation
  • The designed optimum handle position, portable & compact structure and the ergonomic handle design reduce the fatigue degree during your manipulation
  • The spring-loaded design ensures durability and good performance
  • The Wire Cutter Plier is intended for cutting Copper and Aluminum wire. Induction hardened cutting edge of this Wire Plier stays sharper, longer.
  • Detachable and washable. 
  • PAINT for vehicles, furniture, instrument and meter, machinery and used in hotel, house and department store. 
  • Paint viscosity is different according to the quality and working condition.

Detachable and washable. 
PAINT for vehicles, furniture, instrument and meter, machinery and used in hotel, house and department store. 
Paint viscosity is different according to the quality and working condition.


Medium-sized tire inflating use for release pressure


The adjustable pin wrench is for use with locknuts on angle grinders when fitting or removing abrasive discs.